My African Dream

Updated: May 4, 2020

South Africa

I had a great time visiting one of my favorite places. I've been dreaming of going home and diving deeper into the wildlife and culture. This time doing it with Ryan by my side.


Day #1 & 2

We have arrived! Exhausted and hungry we seek out the closest KFC - because I missed the yumminess of a South African KFC burger (it doesn't taste the same as in the US... it's SO much better). We went to bed and basically fell asleep right away. Waking up the next morning we planned on exploring our local area and mall. We met up with some friends and had a great time catching up. After a chill yet productive day we spend the evening hanging out at home.

Day #3

Today we got to spend the majority of our time with my favorite animal - the LION. We visited Lion & Safari Park located in Hartbeespoort and did we have fun!

Day #4

Monkeys and elephants... what more could we want?

We had an amazing experience feeding, petting and walking such gentle and intelligent creatures.

The monkeys on the other hand were a little more playful than expected. Protecting all our belongings was a must. These little creatures will grab anything they can get their hands on. They even tried to open my backpack! Nevertheless, we survived.

Day #5

French toast - a restaurant that represents a small piece Paris. Of course I needed to pet some kittens while we were at it. We made our mark by engraving our initials on a lock and locking it on the bridge.

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center

Day #6

On top of the mountain! AND yummy food. We took a cable car up to the top of the mountain. The view was spectacular and so was the weather. We ended our day with my favorite waffle house and I shared some of my waffle with a stray kitten.

Day #7

WEDDING TIME - One of my high school friends got married, hence the reason for this amazing trip. We celebrated love and friendship, dancing the night away.

Day #8-10

SUN CITY BABY! This was our time to relax and take in the beautiful nature of South Africa. Surrounded by wild monkeys and baboons whilst enjoying the water and food.

Day #11-13

We decided to spend the last couple of days exploring local museums and malls. We visited the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria and went to Sandton City where we had an awesome buffet breakfast at the Michelangelo Hotel, spend some time at Nelson Mandela square and hunted down some African gifts to bring back.


We've learned a lot about the South African culture during this trip. Not only did this trip open my heart to the African culture but reminded me how proud I am of this country's beauty and diversity.

*All the places visited during this trip were animal sanctuary. Some of the Sun City photos were taken by my beloved sister.

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