What is Branding and What Will it Do for My Business?

Many creative entrepreneurs go into business with grand ideas about what their “brand” will look like. They think about names, logos, color palettes, and other aesthetics that will bring their vision to life both online and off.

But, wait. Branding is about far more than what meets the eye.

While all of these design elements convey a company’s brand, there’s a lot more that goes into the process. Your brand identity also incorporates your messaging, the tone of voice you use (in-person and online), the style of fonts on your website, and the way your headshots are presented. Simply put, branding is about creating a consistent look and feel for your business that communicates who you are to your target audience.

Let’s dig into the benefits of a cohesive brand identity and how to get started.

You stand out from the noise.

So, here’s the thing. It’s a crowded market and you have competitors. They likely offer similar products and services as you do and, if you don’t set yourself apart, you will become a commodity in the market. That means that interested prospects will only see pricing when they look at you and your competitors — and they will choose the cheaper option because they see no difference.

An impactful brand is the key to rising above the noise and standing out from your competitors. When your ideal clients land on your website, they should feel like they’re talking to a kindred spirit. Your logo and colors should trigger a response, your tone of voice should feel comforting, and your headshots should make them feel like they’ve known you a lifetime. In other words, your brand’s energy should feel like home. Building personal connections through your brand will ensure your business stays top-of-mind and keep your leads coming back for more.

People know what you represent.

Beyond the aesthetics, your brand also factors in your company’s core values. In the same way we know about big business’ values (like Patagonia or Nike), you can also make a lasting impact in your market. People may associate your brand with sustainability, a commitment to simple, minimalist design, or a no-frills cost-effective option.

How you are seen and remembered by prospective clients is up to you and what lies within, but ultimately, bringing your values to the forefront creates an indelible reputation within the industry.

You can create content that customers love.

The beauty of a consistent brand that resonates with your ideal client is that you can gain a better understanding of what your audience needs from you. If, for example, you’re seen as a social media guru in your network, you will naturally become the go-to resource for your market.

Listen up for questions from clients and prospects that can inspire blog posts, social media posts, email blasts, or lead generators. If you hear the same question over and over, it’s a good sign that it’s a common pain point within your market. Create content around these topics to provide the information your audience wants and needs, driving them into your marketing funnel and closer towards the sale.

Your brand drives all of your business decisions.

Having a cohesive brand isn’t just about generating clients, though. It’s also a powerful tool to have inside your business. Running a company means making a lot of decisions, and some will be easier than others. Your brand serves as a guiding light, steering you towards the right choices and away from the rest.

For example, if your brand is rooted in diversity and inclusion, you may find it much easier to say “no” to a partnership with a company that has a history of discriminatory behavior. When something doesn’t align with the brand that you’ve cultivated over the years, you will know when it feels right or wrong and decision-making becomes a much easier process.

Creating a brand you love doesn’t happen overnight, but getting started is always the first step! If you already have a logo you love, it’s time to complement that with professional headshots and product photos, a great website, and effective messaging that sells your product while conveying your brand’s tone.

Ready to take the next steps? Contact me to discuss your brand vision so we can start bringing it to life through the power of purposeful brand photography.

Jessica Brown is a brand photographer for Jessica Brown Photography who is committed to uplifting modern business women. Based in Leesburg, VA, she is an international photographer with nine years of experience behind the lens and loves jetting off to capture her clients in new destinations. In addition to professional headshots and product photography, Jessica also offers full product styling for picture-perfect brand design.

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