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Fun fact: I'm a wine lover. Red or white, aged or not!

Earlier in January, I went to Bluemont Vineyard located in Bluemont, VA. This winery is in a great location. Standing on the top of a mountain, a fantastic view of Loudoun Valley, drinking some of the finest wine I've ever had, all with my favorite adventure seekers... What more would could I ask for?

Lets talk about my Favs:

"The Cow" was definitely my favorite on the flight. It was an easy to drink, white with a tropical touch to it. If you don't like overly sweet white wine, this is for you!


Make sure you read the tasting cards. This gives you more insight about possible pairings and some information the wine maker would like you to know about the wine itself.

Lets talk about FOOD:

Taster's Board

Bluemont offers a variety of light entrees to enjoy. The menu changes seasonally, this allows you to have a unique experience every time you visit.

We got the taster's board, crab dip, spinach & artichoke dip, and to top it all off- the pumpkin spiced cheesecake! My favorite was the cheesecake due to the texture and flavor.


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