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Updated: May 3, 2020

Don’t shoot Automatic anymore!Photography basics can be confusing and scary, but my training workshop will help you!

My workshops are held one on one and goes over photography basic... how to use and understand your camera, find the right lighting, and posing clients. Join my team and learn how to shoot in manual mode without being scared!

How we got here

I posted a model call on a Facebook group. Within minutes, I received messages from two beautiful ladies. These ladies decided to volunteer their time and help me out during my last minute workshop. I was running a bit late, and they were so understanding. Even though it was super cold outside, they took their coats off and killed the session. We had so much fun and I'm grateful for these women. I love empowering and supporting women. This session made me realize how different people can be and how one person can change the way you look at things.

Krysta Rene Photography

One of the models happen to be a fellow photographer. She has such a fun personality and I absolutely love working with her. Give her page a like and check out her website at:

Angelica Vergel De Dios

Most of you know I LOVE dogs, and Angelica touched my heart with her kindness and love for animals.

This incredible woman volunteers as a foster for Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue. Her heart is filled with love and her home filled with dogs! She's fostering Millie, a 18 month old, spayed German Shepherd.

SSR is always looking for fosters and adopters. If this is something you can work into your schedule, reach out and get involved with SSR at:

Behind the scene

The most recent workshop with a close friend of mine.

We found an open display window and of course we took advantage of it.

**The behind the scene pictures were taken by Angelica Vergel de Dios (one of our beautiful models)

Student's photos:

These photos were taken about 45min into our session - Raw files

Photo credit: Justine Griggs

My photos:

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